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Corporate Fundraising Masterclass

The course equips you with a comprehension of the various industry standards, strategies, and practices
in corporate fundraising. Our course also offers in-depth knowledge of fundraising and gives an insight
on how to identify potential investors who are willing to invest funds in your company, support, or
sponsor organizational operations. Besides, you will also get an insight into the various issues
encountered during fundraising, such as various requirements, processes, documentation, terms, etc. in
raising capital from the investors and markets.


The course will provide a detailed explanation of the key concepts in corporate fundraising and how successful fundraising from the right investors can accelerate the company’s progress and value. The course summarises both the investors/financial institutions and company perspective as per current industry trends and requirements. It covers detailed various funding options suitable for different situations and how do corporate choose the best options after analyzing the condition, obligations, and financial impact of these options on their business. Thus, a detailed analysis of all these funding options will help the participants to take vital business decisions in their career and thus save costs and add value to the company 

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to enhance their expertise in corporate fundraising should attend this course, which

  • Managers, business analysts, bankers, portfolio managers, etc
  • Functional/ departments heads and fundraising professionals
  • Middle to senior managers from different industries
  • Fundraising professionals
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, etc
  • Any other professional who wants to build up his/her finance capabilities 


Non-theoretical methodology, which includes interactive discussions, case studies, interactive games, and
assignments to understand the concepts and their applicability.


We carefully choose all our trainers who possess rich and vast experience in the financial sector. The course will be conducted by experienced training trainers having more than 19 years of industry experience with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, specializing in corporate finance, capital markets, investment banking, and private equity. 

  • Overview of corporate fundraising

  • Why it is an important and regular need for corporates

  • Some common myths in fundraising

  • Process in corporate fundraising

  • Some golden rules used in industry

  • How best manage these process

  • Various approaches to calculating the funding requirement

  • How to build industry acceptable financial plan and funding gap

  • Review different fund options and its suitability

  • Different house cleaning steps needed

  • Preparing of relevant documents

  • Requirement of a various internal and external team

  • Critical mistakes in involving team

  • Strategies to balance in-house vs. external expertise

  • How to allocate responsibilities

  • Why prepare a virtual data room
  • List of documents required
  • How to reduce time and process
  • Importance of DD in fundraising

  • Steps involved in DD and how to manage the process

  • Cost and time issues

  • Key mistakes to avoid

  • How do advisors help in raising funds

  • Best utilize the external resources at minimum costs

  • Key mistakes to avoid

  • How to improve your cash flows

  • Managing your budgets and its impact

  • Treasury, operations and cash management

  • IPOs in various markets

  • Process and costs in IPOs

  • Various obligation and compliances

  • How does a PE funding work?

  • Process of deals evaluation

  • Keys terms and obligation

  • When to seek angel investments

  • Various sources of angel investments

  • Risk and its management

  • Suitability of Project finance and its sources

  • Keys things analyzed by banks

  • Key terms and obligations

  • Various options and their costs

  • Review the business and its sources

  • Documents required and timeliness

  • Reviewing the potential credit problems

  • Applicability of crowdfunding?

  • Review of the different crowdfunding models

  • Importance of a mezzanine loan

  • How does mezzanine financing work?

  • Key terms and suitability of various scenarios

  • How to use leasing as a source of finance
  • Keys terms and its management
  • Strategy to raise leasing financing and its implications
  • How to manage investors relations and compliances

  • Mistakes in Corporate Fundraising

  • How to manage influence prospective investors in your organization


Course Event
  • Date : 07-09 October 2024
  • Venue : Kuala Lumpur
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