Frequently Asked Questions

We design content that motivates learners through the right instructional design. Our eLearning solutions offer a consistent, continuous, and complementary multi-device eLearning experience.

Yes, we offer digital learning consulting services that support you in designing and developing your organization’s digital learning function.

You can mobilize your organization’s existing elearning content by converting it into mLearning content, suitable for accessing in on target devices on your choice.

Riverstone is the right instructional designer for your organization’s L&D because we focus on learners, are detail-oriented, and have strong analytical skills.

Our eLearning solutions are unique because they transform passive learning utilization into active, engaging, and interactional learning experiences via videos, games, and customized illustrations.

When customizing course content, Riverstone follows a three-step approach encompassing consultation, conceptualization, and production, which enables us in offering a scalable service model to our clients.

Yes, mobile learning helps you to add-on short learning sessions in the form of video snippets during break times for your employees.

Responsive web design can make your content compatible for multi-device usage, that is, the content changes the layout based on the user’s screen size and orientation.