Advanced Financial Analysis Course

Why Study Advanced Financial Course

The advanced financial analysis training course helps professionals analyze financial statements and gain insight into key performance indicators. Professionals will have the knowledge, understanding, and skills to identify and critique the strengths and weaknesses of reported financial information and conclude the past, present, and the projected future. Contextually, the extent to which reported financial statement figures are affected by judgment and discretion should be analyzed to see whether a value has been created in the companies in terms of asset creation or valuation accretion

Financial Analysis Course Overview

To decide on the company’s performance, professionals need to analyze and have complete control of the financial statements, including the existing and future risks in the business. This course covers the essential components of financial statement analysis. The best-advanced finance training is based on IFRS reference reporting. It helps participants improve their financial skills to ask the right questions and recognize real risks facing businesses and investors. The theory and practice of each credit issue are explored, using recent market examples for learners to gauge cash flow and credit implications. The course ends with a comprehensive case study design to bring all the topics together in a real-world example.

Financial statements are intended to provide critical organizational stakeholders with vital information about an enterprise’s financial health and position. However, understanding their structure and meaning is only the beginning of what is required to assess a firm’s ability to compete in markets for customers and investors. The methods of financial statements analysis require the identification of various performance drivers of the business, performance metrics, measurement of the performance indicators, and projecting the future performance of the companies and the value created for the stakeholders. This advanced financial analysis course is focused on the fundamental principles, practical skills, and tools required for sound analysis, management, and improvement of organizational financial performance and strength.

Advanced Financial Analysis Course

Advantages of Advanced Financial Analysis Course

As a financial analyst designation holder, you are directly involved in the investment decision-making, including selecting securities to include in a portfolio, determining the appropriate asset allocation for clients and their portfolios, and anything else involved in managing assets. Anyone who has earned the financial analyst title must research companies and the underlying securities, such as stocks, bonds, and derivative securities.

For any business that wants to live a long life, a superior debt management strategy requires excellent transparency into debt-related data, and not only corporations aim to tap into the power of financial reporting and analysis. The course helps you accurately calculate and analyze your current assets and liabilities, as well as the financial processes involved in generating revenues and paying your bills.

People Who Need to Take Advanced Finance Course

However, if you are looking for the best advanced financial analysis course in Singapore, you need to try out Riverstone learning center. The course is suitable for the following types of people:

Chief accountants

Senior accountants

Accounting managers

Finance managers

Credit risk analysts

Finance directors

Corporate financiers

Bankers and relationship managers

Financial controllers

Heads of finance departments

Financial accounts managers

Credit controllers

Advanced financial analysis course focuses On

Analysis of the industries and companies

Management of the strategic financial functions and jobs

Take critical decisions like M&A, LBO, Investments

Understanding the various valuation approaches and limitations

Steps for the fundraising

Appropriate/relevant analyses for predicting survival, prosperity, and failure with ratios.

Upon successful completion of this Best advanced financial analysis course, professionals will be expected to:

Develop and apply a framework for analyzing and assessing a company's financial performance, health, and position

Apply the framework in the contexts of a financial analyst, strategic direction managers, shareholders, a fund manager, and other company stakeholders.

Creative accounting and deliberate fraud affect financial statements in various ways and so must be identified and understood.

Identify and apply appropriate adjustments to a company's financial statements to facilitate comparisons.

Managing the fundraising process of the companies in an efficient manner

Managing the strategic transactions like M&A, LBO, MBO, etc

Conduct the valuation of the company to see if it is undervalued or overvalued

Forecast the performance of the business.

Compare and contrast companies by understanding, describing, and discussing discretion and judgment in analyzing financial statements and their financial performance.

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