Course Overview

This Retail Business-Financial Modeling course will equip all participants with various tools to aid in complex business decision making by incorporating multiple factors operating in the dynamic business environment. At the end of the course, each participant will be able to create a financial model independently and carry out an analysis to make the best decision for their company.

Who should attend Retail Business-Financial Modeling Course

All individuals who want to improve their financial modeling skills should attend this course

  • Middle to senior managers in the project finance and fundraising department of the company
  • All professionals who want to deal or currently deal with financial modeling in their company
  • Consultants, advisors, and other professionals who wish to improve their modeling skills
  • Middle to senior managers from investment banking, banks, and financial institution.

Methodology & Trainer

This course will be conducted by an experienced training consultant having more than 20 years of industry experience with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, specializing in corporate finance, investment banking, and private equity.

The course fee includes

  • Limited Access to course
  • One to One Online Sessions (2 Sessions of 15 mins each)
  • Online Email Queries Management for LifeTime
  • Live Projects (optional)
  • 5-10 Hours of Online Videos
  • Completion Certificate
  • Excel Sheets and Notes
  • You are expect to give 2-3 hours per week for the course.

Course Content