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ESG Implementation and Reporting
  • Defining ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance Aspects
  • The Historical Context and Evolution of ESG.
  • Understanding the Pillars of ESG: Environmental, Social, Governance
  • Creating Robust ESG Strategies within Organizations
  • Aligning ESG Strategies with Corporate Mission and__
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement in ESG Strategy Formulation
  • Key Principles and Standards in ESG Reporting.
  • Navigating Global ESG Reporting Frameworks and Protocols.
  • Developing Transparent and Impactful ESG Reports.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating ESG into Business Processes.
  • Reviewing Real-World Case Studies of ESG Implementations.
  • Tracking and Evaluating the Impact of ESG Initiatives.
  • Effective Techniques for ESG Data Collection and Management.
  • Leveraging Digital Tools for ESG Data Analysis.
  • Upholding Data Integrity in ESG Reporting.
  • Crafting ESG Communication and Disclosure.
  • Strategies Techniques for Effective Stakeholder Communication on ESG.
  • Managing Public Perception and Transparency in ESG Reporting.
  • The Role of ESG in Modern Investment Strategies.
  • Deep Dive into ESG Ratings, Indices, and their Impact.
  • ESG as a Criterion in Portfolio Management and Financial Analysis.
  • ESG as a Critical Component of Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Strategies for Identifying and Mitigating.
  • ESG Risks Emerging Trends and Future Directions in ESG Implementation and Reporting.
  • Key Challenges applying Precedent Transaction Method
  • Precedent Transactions Analysis vs Trading Comps
  • Pros and Cons
  • Process/Steps of valuation based Precedent Transactions Analysis
  • Critical adjustments in the compilation and analyzing precedent transactions
  • Various types and their impact
  • Cost Synergies
  • Revenue Synergies
  • Critical Success Factors and pitfalls to avoid
  • Why do Due Diligence?
  • Various types of Due-diligence
  • How to prepare a company for due diligence
  • Creating a due diligence plan in line with the rationale
  • Balancing the role of internal and external service providers
  • How to resolve post due to diligence observations
  • Keys terms and their impact on M&A business-
  • How to negotiate effective terms sheets
  • Key points to focus while negotiating SPA/SHA
  • Key Structure used in M&A Transactions
  • Why do M&A deals fail?
  • Risks and its mitigation in M&A
  • Key issues like Attrition, KMPs Retention Mechanism etc
  • Financial Implications of Firing KMPs
  • Management of hierarchal differences and cultural differences


Course Event
  • Date : 04-06 December 2024
  • Time : 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh)
  • Venue : Vietnam-HCMC
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