Renewable Modelling and Analysis Course

Renewable Modelling and Analysis Course​


The renewable Modelling course will provide the necessary skill to analyze and develop and analyse financial models for solar, wind, and other renewable projects. Some of the essential topics this course covers include wind and solar project operations, debt sizing and funding, and investment returns. Also, the course will provide you with a robust financial modeling skillset for analyzing renewable projects in the most sophisticated environments.

However, in an online environment, you will migrate from a blank Excel workbook to a financial model suitable for debt structuring, investment analysis, and operational scenario evaluation. Another aspect is that the course will provide you with step-by-step instructions on building a financial model suitable for analyzing solar and wind projects.

Renewable Modelling Course Overview

A renewable modeling course helps an individual assess the risk-reward of lending to and investing in renewable projects like solar, wind, biomass, etc. The project’s investment returns, debt capacity, and financial feasibility depend on the expected future cash flows generated by the renewable energy project itself. The course covers step by step approach to building the projects models, analyzing the projects, conducting various fund structuring adjustments, calculating returns, and finally creating an attractive dashboard

What are Cost Drivers

Advantages of Renewable Modelling Training

The participant will learn about SPV reserve accounts, project finance balance sheets, conducting sensitivity analyses, and project finance refinancing.

To help understand hydro, biomass & geothermal project finance model design, review solar, wind presentation & formatting standards

It helps participants know how to apply clear investment incentives and renewable energy credit (REC), credit enhancements for bankable private investments in RE generation, and feed-in-tariffs (FIT).

To help people identify the critical requirements of limited-recourse Project Finance for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Renewable Energy transactions, and project finance documentation management.

Participants will learn how to oversee the review and design of project finance models that are based upon their own company's risk profile and corporate goals

Participants will also learn how to oversee and manage successful renewable power Project Finance transactions.

The participant will be able to conduct the cash flow projections and analysis and construct financial statements of the projects, including profit & loss accounts and balance sheets for project finance transactions.

Renewable energy financial modeling course

In the Renewable Energy Finance Modeling course, complex wind and solar Project Finance transactions will be modeled from scratch in excel. This renewables modeling and analysis course primarily cover critical project finance financial modeling techniques and requirements, bankability practices, and risk analysis instruments. This course’s principal objective is to provide participants with an enhanced understanding of the vital documentation requirements and financial modeling of all interested parties to today’s project finance transactions.

This program provides participants with proven project finance modeling transactions management techniques, enabling them to resolve constraints quantitatively, assess risks, and reach project financial closure. Additionally, the practical models for solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass project finance will be practiced or demonstrated through a series of real case examples of transactions and projects from South Asia, North America, and Middle East Europe.

Who Should Take up Renewable Modelling course?

The renewable modeling course is suitable for typical students, including the following:

Recent graduates

Finance students


Senior managers



Associate directors


CFOs from financial and infrastructure companies.

Renewable Modelling Training Singapore

If you are looking for the Best Renewable modeling training in Singapore from a well-known university, try out the best Renewable modeling course from Riverstone. This is one of the best training institutes in the Asia region that is well attended by various professionals from all over the region.

Advanced Renewable modeling training

In the Renewable Modelling course, participants will learn how to model complex wind and solar Project Finance transactions from scratch in excel and also learn about:

Model Debt Service Reserve Account

Getting financed and developed

Building a project finance model from scratch in excel for solar and wind projects

How to create best practice macros and Excel VBA codes to break circularities

The finance and development of renewable energy projects

How to size debt based on multiple covenants for wind and solar projects

How to optimize the model to achieve the requirements of lenders and investors.

How to model unlevered project returns and blended equity returns;

Financial Modelling in Renewable FAQ

What is project finance in renewable energy?

Project finance in renewable energy involves modeling for sustainable initiatives.

What are the models of renewable energy?

Models of renewable energy include wind, solar, and hydro power.

What is Udemy project finance modelling for renewable energy?

Udemy offers a project finance modeling course for renewable energy.

How do you evaluate renewable energy projects?

Evaluate renewable energy projects using financial analysis and sustainability criteria.

What are the benefits of blockchain on renewable energy?

The benefits of blockchain on renewable energy are covered in the course.

How to do financial modelling of a project?

Financial modeling of a project includes forecasting revenues and expenses.

What is the energy financial modeling course?

The energy financial modeling course covers financial analysis in the sector.

How do you finance a green project?

Learn how to finance a green project through the course.

Who finances renewable energy projects?

Renewable energy projects are financed by various investors and institutions.

Is renewable energy part of ESG?

Renewable energy is part of ESG, as covered in the course.

Who are the major investors in renewables?

The course explains major investors in renewables, like pension funds.

Which country is investing most in renewable energy?

Discover how countries like China invest in renewable energy through the course

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