Best Finance Courses

Best Finance Courses


Finance courses help to increase one’s financial oracy whether as an entrepreneur or as one who would like to improve his financial knowledge. Moreover, a person has to determine which course is the best fit. Sometimes it could be sapping, tedious or costly but here in this article, there are four of the top finance courses, for one to choose which is best to avoid losing money, whiling away time or wasting one’s energy.Finance Courses

  • Finance for Non-financial Professionals

This course is Coursera’s best course as it’s the most picked. It gives a plain introduction to the genesis of finance and accounting theory. The University of California offers this course and includes it in one of their Career Success Program. This course is superior to other courses by Coursera due to its being easy to achieve and prestige/superiority to other courses. Concepts attached to this versatile course are Financial Analysis, Cash Flow, Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting and Strategic Financing.

This course taught in the English language can be heard in eleven other languages. In this course are also loaded syllabus and efficient time usage since a guru lectures it. It offers a 7-day free trial course with a $39 monthly pay. Simultaneously, it requires seven hours for completion. ‘Finance for Non-Financial Professionals’ course is best for one who aspires for improved financial knowledge or one who has not had enough idea on how finance works.

  • Finance Markets

‘Finance Markets’ course is especially different from all other finance courses by Coursera because of its being affordable and because it focuses on giving a more concrete and deep understanding of how finance works. This popular and special course is offered by Yale University and handled by a mystic Professor from the Economics Department in the school. He explains thoroughly, especially to newbies, he’s not esoteric as one might assume.

The following concepts fall under this course: Financial Markets, Non-Profits, Careers in Finance and Behavioral Finance. This course also lectures on the skills one has to have to manage careers efficiently in Finance. Unlike the first course listed, it uses thirty-three hours for completion and within the hours are Readings, Videos or Quizzes for you to choose the most convenient. It’s free only if it’s without a certificate but to get a certificate, it demands $49 pay. This course is best for those who seek to improve their knowledge in finance or those who seek to know how to function properly in their seats.

  • Essentials of Corporate finance specializations

Essentials of Corporate finance specializations by Coursera is actually the most functional course which gives a brighter and more direct view and understanding of corporate finance. It’s brought to you by the University of Melbourne, Australia and handled by the ‘business and economics’ faculty in the school.

To bring to notice, this course, or say the program, has the full essentials which include ‘Solid knowledge of statistics’, ‘Simple Algebra’, ‘Data Summarization skills’, and ‘Familiarity with Microsoft Excel’.’ It’s a 7-day free trial with a $49 monthly pay. It takes three hours per week for five months to reach completion. It’s best for those whose interest is majorly based on corporate finance and for those who are comfortable using several months to complete the career.

  • Finance for Everyone

‘Finance for Everyone’ by Edx sheds a brighter light on the financial foundation for beginners or professionals and for both personal and massive use. This course was brought up by Michigan X who offers free online courses right from the University of Michigan. Though the course is free, one might want to advance to get a secure certificate of completion. It takes five hours per week for six weeks straight it arrives at completion.

Moreover, you need plain and raw knowledge of mathematics essentials such as Algebra. The topics or concepts attached to this course include ‘Stocks and bonds’, ‘Time value of money, ‘Various Frameworks for decision making‘. Support is given in contradiction to other listed courses, that’s if you’re a member already. It demands a $49 monthly pay.